Connecting with you deeply from the heart, to illuminate your body, mind and spirit.


During our fantasy sessions, I provide nurturing, loving energy to guide you into realms of bliss and sensuality.
My sessions have been described as playful, mind-blowing, and amazing.

Touch and human connection is food for the soul. Warm, bare skin is powerful. It awakens the senses and comforts the soul. Each session is uniquely designed for your special needs, from a skilled pleasure artist caressing you. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy as I take you deep into a state of transcendental calm.

Offering my divine presence with loving devotion to YOU. I invite you with all my warmth and compassion as I take you on a sensual sacred journey to ecstatic bliss. In the creation of your personal ceremony, .I am the feminine wisdom embodiment. A channel of light for those who seek a dance of heavenly magic. Delight in the deepest exploration of all your senses.
Time will slip away as I take you on a journey of fantasy. I will use my highly sensitive intutive touch to bring you deep relaxation and illuminate your body mind and spirit.

Super comfortable massage table, cozy romantic sanctuary. Vanilla candlelights. Ambient, enchanting music..

I love making people feel as wonderful as possible. Let me to show you how.
Come visit me in my private sanctuary in NORTH PARK SAN DIEGO. 

For a full listing of the types of sessions that I offer, please scroll down.

60 Minutes $200

"Special Package"
with BODY to BODY  Oil Slides all inclusive

Experience the joy of my tantalizing touch.
I use warm oils and blend therapeutic, tantric and sensual caressing for a unique and satisfying session.  

Monday through Friday
10a.m. - 7p.m.
Saturdays 11a.m. - 4 p.m.

Sundays 12noon - 5pm


  1. I will gently explore every part of your body with my soft caress, applying my hands in the most alluring form of sensual healing touch. As you begin to relax you will feel your orgasmic energy expand to awaken the potential for a full body release, allowing you to achieve new heights of your senses. During this energy opening journey, you will experience a deep opening of your heart, pure relaxation and joy.
    SENSUAL JOY Extended Pleasure
    A Journey of sensual Erotic, Tantric and even more Pleasure with Nuru 90 Minutes $300
  2. Indulge yourself in the exquisite experience of receiving complete bodywork, uniquely designed for you own special needs and desires. Enjoy a much longer and more satisfying session, feeling the tension and stress in the body melt away, with use of a blend of advanced therapeutic, tantric and sensual massage techniques . This session also includes a special "Extended Pleasure Practice"and longer Nuru. My favorite session, because we will connect much deeper!
    Ultimate BLISS Royal Treatment
    Extended Tantric Bliss Massage combo with Total Body Care 2 hours, $450 Advanced Pleasure Practise Swedish, Deep Tissue, and/or Lomi-Lomi, Tantric Touch, Nuru and a relaxing finish in the bath tub..WITH ME! Or, design your own session
  3. First I will teach you the art of intimate communication skills. I will then show you how to create an exciting seduction ritual. I will teach you how your touch can create a blissful experience for both of you. I will guide you through intimacy exercises, leading you gently through interactive, playful exercises that will help you explore yourself more, so you can understand her more as well. Most women won't tell you what they like because they don't even know what their own bodies are capable of. You will learn the fundamentals of the intimate psyche of women - especially how to get her to open up to you. What makes her desire you? How can you seduce and pleasure her? What turns her on? How do you massage her G-spot and give her ejaculatory orgasms. How can, an extended pleasure practice lead to a full body orgasm? After learning so much intense information, you will need to relax. My soft, tender touch will help you integrate and focus on what you've learned.
    Bliss Massage with Counseling
    Tantric Love Rituals, Sex and Intimacy Counseling, Relationship Coaching 2.5 hours, $550 For most of my students these teachings result in a sensational breakthrough in their love-life.
  4. What you will learn 1. Body language: How she sees you is very important! 2. Creating the most attractive YOU. 3. Powerful Communication: What to say and how to say it. 4. How to create chemistry: words to ignite her interest, and to keep her intrigued. 5. Perfect Flirting: this creates your own sex appeal, so she will feel attracted to your most masculine energy! 6. How to turn her on, without touching her yet! 7. How to end a date when you feel very attracted. 8. Communication that will get her hot; creating the hot sizzle in your bedroom. 9. How to make love to her the first time and please her fully. 10. Fun rituals both of you can play; a deep exploration of tantra and other fantasies. 11. Establishing a deeper connection - and of course, how to massage her!
    Unleash the Confident Man
    Make that first impression count and become irresistible! 8 classes (recommended) 2 hours $300 Recommended for all ages 21-70 Stop wondering what to say and what to do! Develop your own sense of magnetism! Be able to read her in an instant! Make her desire you all the time! Get the love and affection you long for!
My offerings:

Pillow Talk
Lomi Lomi
Therapeutic Massage
Sensual Massage 
Tantric Massage
Thai Massage
Modern Red Tantric Rituals 
Ejaculation Control
Erectile Dysfuntion Therapy
Chakra Balancing
Energy Reading/Healing
Palm Life Reading
Sex Counseling
Relationship Counseling
Couples Counseling
Couples Sensual Massage Lessons
Nutrition Advice
Weight loss/Exercise/Yoga 
Depression Release
Trauma Healing
Interactive Connecting
Loving Communication
Dating Guidance