Your Love Life Quiz
Take this sample mini-quiz and find out about YOUR love life! Just add the points up for each question and find out your result!

1. I am happy with my sex life

a. True 10 points
b. not true 0 points

2. My partner/s tell me I satisfy them.

a. True 10 points
b. Not true 0 points

3. I have explored all my sexual my fantasies

a. True 10 points
b. some 5 points

c. not true 0 points

4. I like to spent lots of time pleasing my partner/s

a. True 10 points
b. a little 5 points
c. not true 0 points

5. How much time do your normally spent having sex?

a. I orgasm very quickly. 0 points
b. 20 minutes 5 points
c. 30-45 Minutes 10 points
d. 1 hour or more 15 points

6. How much time do you spend watching porn?

a. Never 0 points
b. Sometimes 10 points
c. alot 0 points

7. People find me attractive

a. not true 0 points
b. don't know 5 points
c. yes 5 points

8. I had sexual trauma
a. True (minus) -10
b. not True 5 points

I am always looking for new ways to excite myself and try something new with my partners.

a. True 10 points
b. I have given up (minus) -5 points
c. I am afraid to tell my partners what I really want (minus) -5 points

10. My relationships dont work out for long 

a. True 0 points
b. sometimes 5 points
c. I am happy with the one I am in. 10 points

95 to 70 Above Average
You are pretty confident in your intimate life. You have figured out how to make yourself and your partners very happy! Congratulations! Women are looking for someone like you!!

65 to 50 Average
You do okay in your life but there are some areas that you need to work on. By answering these questions you know which issues you need to resolve. Open youself to the possibilities of exploring more in your intimate love life. Be daring! Become more adventurous!

45 and below
Please seek help!!! There are many trained therapists and counselors who can help you heal through the trauma and issues that keep you from achieving the happiness you so much deserve.
I am also here to help and I can assure you guaranteed results.