For Couples Only
​(2 sessions)

Illuminate Your Love Space Again...

Sensual Massage Lesson
3 hour requirement $650

Give the gift of love with your hands. Learn how to caress, touch, explore and discover each other. This lesson opens the space of deep conscious sensuality and can lead to a new amazing awakening and tender sharing with your partner. Learn advanced intimate communications, how to build your new love nest, sacred love-rituals.
This session may transform your entire way of being together and will give you the insight of what a deep fulfilling relationship can be like.
I will come visit you in the comforts of your own home, bringing my own massage table, body oils and enchanting music with me, all inclusive in session.

Deepen Your Connection, Create an Entire New Love Space
Minimum 2 hours or longer $500

Do you feel that your relationship in trouble? I can help! I have helped hundreds of couples reignite their passion, intimacy and trust with each other.
You will learn loving communication techniques versus the idea of feeding the fire.
Reunification after a communication breakdown to create a breakthrough. A comprehensive lesson on how to recover quickly together when you are angry at each other and instead becoming one another's healer.
Tantric Love Rituals
Exercises to help deepen your connection with advanced intimate communication.
How to prepare your nest for interactive, "Lusty Playtime!"
For most couples who love each other this will lead to a greater opening of your hearts to one another and will reignite their passion. For some it will become immediatly clear that you may have to break up with your partner, or will strengthen a deep bond that you already have.
1 Session is normally suffcient to initiate a major breakthrough!
      Your Muse, Marina May