About Me
My devotion in life is dedicated to spiritual love and healing 
          I was an erotic dancer/entertainer in the early years of my sacred journey. For a few years after dancing, I decided to become more intimate with many men as an escort, traveling the world and meeting some of the most alluring, incredible men from all walks of life.  These men trusted me and began confessing about their innermost feelings regarding their fantasies and desires. They all had one thing in common, these men were sexually, emotionally and spiritually unfulfilled.  I gained valuable information as I stepped into the role of becoming the person they desired - even if just for awhile. But then I began to question the insights of the human experience in relationships, and started to attend countless relationship seminars taught from some of the most critically acclaimed Spiritual Leaders and well known Relationship Experts of today..

          I opened my  private practice 12 years ago. I have helped hundreds of men, women and many couples to achieve personal growth leading to much happiness and success in their lives! I now teach a powerful education program that to help initiate a personal transformation. If you are looking for or have found true love, or if past relationships have failed, I can help you activate your true authentic masculine self in its highest expression. If you are feeling down you will find my teachings most inspiring.

         I truly wish to make a difference in your life. My desire is to empower you on your path to wholeness. May the abundant universe shower you with all of it's blessings! Thank you for the opportunity to be the channel of healing, light and love for you.
My Qualifications and  Certifications 

  • Advanced body healing:
  •  Certified Massage Therapist: Tantric Bliss massage, Lomi Lomi, Thai Massage Therapy, Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage
  • 10 years hands-on practice in Sensual Arts
  • Level 1 Reiki Trained Tantrika
  • Member of the San Diego Tantra Group for 8 years
  • Student of renowned Kirin Khalsa, Margot Anand, Baba Dez, Bodhi Avanashi Ipsalu, Francoise Ginsberg, Anastas Harris
  • Attended several seminars from Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer - world famous Spiritualists
  • Human Awareness Institue of California Workshops:
  • ​Sacred Love Journeying
  • Advanced Tantra Rituals
  • Intimacy Practices
  • Sexuality Coaching and Counseling
  • Kundalini Activation
  • Highly Intuitive Energy/Psychic Readings 
  • World traveling erotic dancer, Nia dancer, movement and grace muse, enhancing companionship, loving inspiration with a warm heart​

I'm available Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays 12 noon to 5 pm